22 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Tribe

Increase Your FACEBOOK Tribe
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe

1) Did you just create a new Facebook Fan page?

Ask everyone and anyone you know to like your Facebook page, even if you have to turn to friends and family. Your objective here is simply to get the ball rolling.

2) Use videos

that are only revealed when they like your page. Make sure the videos are very good to excellent – you don’t want to disappoint. Short and great is much better than long and boring.

3) Offer a free ebook

but only when they like your page. This is just like offering an ebook for an email address, only with viral possibilities.

You can set up tabs within your Page that can only be accessed after a person has Liked your Page.

For example, if you have an upcoming webinar, you can get people to sign up for it through your Facebook. You can get them to Like your page as part of the registration process. You can do this with pre-recorded webinars too, or eBooks, or even newsletters.

Tip: When you use Like-gating, be sure to include Call-to-Actions (CTA’s) in your Like-gated tabs. Include a clear CTA in your cover image too. Arrows pointing directly to your Like button direct your audience attention to the action you want them to take. Explain your incentive, too – you’ll get more people following through and becoming your Facebook Fan.

4) Run a competition.

Run LOTS of competitions. People love contests – they’re fun, they get to win stuff, and you don’t look like you’re promoting but you do build your list – it’s a win-win for everyone.

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5) Ask questions on Facebook.

Nothing promotes engagement more than asking and responding to people’s ideas and especially opinions on a hot topic. In fact, questions get double the rate of comments that statements get.

6) Do you know what’s even more powerful than questions?

Fill in the blank posts generate 9 times as many comments as regular posts. For example, “The thing I love about Sunday is ____”

7) Add a Facebook Social Plugin to your website and blog.

Yes, some marketers still haven’t done this, yet doing so can result in more exposure, more fans, more business… etc.


8) Did you write a new blog post?

Then post some of that content onto Facebook.

9) Use photos and videos whenever possible.

They get shared 2-3 times more than written content.

10) Find places to add a link to your Facebook page.

Email signatures are a great one, so are articles, blog posts, other social media, forum signatures, etc.

11) Go for quality over quantity.

Post once or twice a day with really great posts. The exception? If you’re posting news – then you’ll want to post slightly more often.

12) Post news.

Anything that is relevant and current for your particular niche. If you look like you are on the breaking edge of what’s happening, people will naturally pay attention to all of your Facebook postings. Use Google Alerts to stay abreast of breaking news.

13) The fastest way to grow your fan base?

Advertise. Remember, your list of Facebook fans is akin to having a mailing list – so it can pay to build that fan base quickly.

14) Rotate your ads often.

Daily is best. You’ve got to keep it interesting, and anything they saw yesterday is-not-interesting. Conversion rates can drop a whopping 50% by the second day of running the same ad.

15) Give people a reason to like your page.

Incentives work great. But even using the word “because” can increase your likes. “Please like our page because we want to impact as many people as possible.”

16) Offer something special just to your Facebook fans.

For example, a product discount or a special bonus when they purchase your product or service.

17) Sales

If you’re offering a sale, use either the keyword “$ off” or “coupon,” since these two keywords tend to produce the highest response. Offering a certain dollar amount off will tend to produce twice the results of offering a certain percentage off of the regular price. Why? Probably because most people don’t like math.

18) Size of Facebook post

The shorter the post, the higher the level of engagement. Memorize that rule.

19) Post when people aren’t working or aren’t as busy.

User engagement tends to be 20% higher when you post from 8 pm to 8 am. Of course, you’ll need to know where the majority of your audience is to make this work. If your fans are all over the planet, then you can likely post anytime for good results.

20) Share other people’s stuff.

Did you know that when you share someone’s content on Facebook, you can create a notification to tell them you shared it? Write their name in the status and Facebook will alert them with the mention function. This is a great ice-breaker for networking with other people in your niche.

21) Have an awesome header image.

Pay to have this created if you don’t have the skills because it makes an excellent first impression.

22) Engage engage engage.

Like other people’s content when it fits well with your audience. Respond to comments. Always stay positive. And have fun.

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