30 Day Transformation Challenge

30 Day Transformation Challenge
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe

Yesterday I attended “Monday Motivational Webinar,” with Louis Doughty of Internet Profits. As always he was positive and bouncing with energy.

So what is the 30 Day Transformation Challenge, it’s a challenge of becoming the best we can be.

You need to implement something that you wouldn’t have done before or something that you no longer do and would like to take up again:

So my personal challenges are:

  • Provide food for the local food bank
  • Walk everyday
  • Create Videos once a week
  • Build an Instagram audience
  • Create a Webinar
  • Practice Mindfulness everyday
  • Return to practicing DDP Yoga 3 times a week (Diamond Dallas Paige own Yoga style that helps you lose weight and achieve fitness)
DDP Yoga - Diamond Dallas Page

That’s me with Diamond Dallas Page and his winning WWE belt after completing a DDP Yoga work out with him.

What are your transformational challenges?

Let me know!

All for now


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Kerie Hinchliffe is a former high school teacher that has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From writing books in different niches, skinning apps or creating an Internet Cafe in South Africa!

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