About Me

Hi, my name is Kerie Hinchliffe.

I am a Personal Coach, Teacher, Educator and Online Entrepreneur.

Back in 2009, I moved to Spain to live in the sun. I decided that I would start to learn how to make money online. Shouldn’t be a problem, my day job was an ICT teacher! So I knew the technical side well and I also helped people with their websites. After nearly six months I returned to England, not only had I made no money I was nearly bankrupt.

Initially, work was easy to come by back in Yorkshire my family’s home area. The work soon dried up and I was forced to move to London.

I found a job I loved; everyone was friendly, and I was soon making good progress. The only downsize, Londons rent! I first stayed with a friend in her studio, sleeping on the floor. Then I moved to a hotel room. Then into a shared house, from there I found my own luxury cupboard (a studio in a great place, with a gym). To finally buying my own two-bed flat. Everything was going great, I even dabbled a bit, with making money online. I wrote an eBook and placed it on Amazon’s publishing platform KDP, and skinned a couple of Apps. (Both made money and still are making money four years later).

So why did I return to the Online world?

Well like most people I had a reason for wanting to make money online, in my case it was freedom. I became very ill in August 2014, although I struggled through work, with both the support of my family and the school I work for I found it difficult to continue. My health was not going to get better while I kept doing the same things. So with regret, I handed in my notice. At this point, I received a newsletter in the post from Sarah Staar with a story about her own illness and how even though she was laid up in a hospital bed, she was still making money, from her online business. I needed to find out more, so I attended her Seminar.
Did I take massive action, not with Internet Marketing at first! Why? You may ask, fear! Pure and simple I had been down this road once before and ended up broke owing money to everyone and just avoiding bankruptcy. So what did I do? I looked at what had made money in the past Apps and Kindle.

I dismissed Apps; I struggled with programming since my illness. So there it was Kindle. I started looking at what others did. Even though I love reading and love writing, I was not confident in one of the niches I was chosen, so my next step outsourcing, some great talent was found and some not so good. I launched a new pen name, website, and eBooks.

This was great I was on my way, my books were selling, and I was having downloads, but this was just one area of making money online I could go into.

First Step

Firstly I started working on my fears, Dr. Joe Vitale (AKA Mr Fire) was a good source of inspiration and his clearing methods are brilliant. I started with my gratitude book again and worked through my affirmations. I found my pain and my passion.

Second Step

Then I also looked at who was successful Online Entrepreneurs. Sarah Staar, Dean Holland, Alex Jeffreys, Michael Cheney, Kevin Fahey and Martin Avis. I decided I needed to copy them. I started with testing one niche. I didn’t set up a funnel, I just direct linked and I had a couple of $100 days. This was great, but I needed to think long term.

Third Step

Take Massive action on everything you learn and partner with Gurus. Surround yourself with people wanting the same thing and in the income bracket, you wish to achieve. Use your skills that you have. Mine is motivating others to achieve.

My new mantra is, “Feal the Fear.”

Kind Regards,