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Affiliate Rebirth Review

Affiliate Rebirth
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe

Affiliate Rebirth

From $27.00

Ease of Use




Value for Money



  • Easy to set up and Implement
  • No Prior Experience
  • Can work in any niche
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Organic Traffic Growth


  • Time Consuming

Affiliate Rebirth is a great course and case study created by Greg Kononenko, Shahnawaz Sadiquee, and Stefan Ciancio.

It is a method that focuses on Niche Marketing. As any Affiliate knows you need to have different passive income methods.

The method taught in this course has generated over 1,200,000 visitors at no cost.
Earning over $148/day in affiliate commissions (based on June 2017 figures)

In a nutshell, it’s about getting free traffic in almost any niche and monetizing via any affiliate network (Shahnawaz uses Amazon as an affiliate, but any affiliate network can be used)

The case study has been created by doing exactly what Shahnawaz has done by building several affiliate websites which get free organic traffic

His sites in June 2017 made over $4,450 profit in affiliate commissions

Features of Affiliate Rebirth

Front end

Affiliate Rebirth front end is priced at $27 now that the launch period is over. It’s broken down into 4 Modules covering:

  • Niche Selection
  • Content Creation
  • Site Setup
  • Traffic


There is a list of 10 DFY profitable niches priced at $47. With each of them, you have:

  • Fully researched keywords
  • Long tail Pro keyword research outputs
  • Amazon keyword tool research outputs
  • Keyword research of to three top competitors
  • Fully report on each of three top competitors
  • Beautiful logo
  • Best-converting affiliate software to promote.


Four case studies priced at $67. Each case studies covers:

  • Profit products, the way to drove traffic and the result
  • Ideas for you to copy and paste to achieve profits much quicker.


Advanced case study strategies priced at $27

  • Strategies to create high-quality links to get more traffic
  • SEO training to improve your website’s ability to pull more organic traffic

Benefits of Affiliate Rebirth

Everything is based on a case study, and the modules cover the whole system in detail, but also simple to follow format.

It shows how to set up the sites from scratch, how to monetize them, and how to get traffic.

Newbie friendly, as anyone can do this

The traffic and commissions are passive and require $0 ad spend

This method can be in any Niche you like

Cons of Affiliate Rebirth

Further investment of $10 or less for a niche domain.

Time investment.


Q: Are these results typically?

A: It depends on how much action you take in implementing each of the steps

Q: Will this work in any niche?

A: Yes, from technology to health niche, but like anything you need to put the work in to get anything out of it. If you do every step in the correct order you should start earning a passive income.

Q: Is it newbie friendly?

A; Yes. The Modules are easy to follow. Remeber you can always outsource the bits you find difficult.


I love this product. Hence the reason I bought it and the upsells too. There is always something new to learn. This program is newbie friendly and very little technical knowledge needed.  Affiliate Rebirth focuses on audiences that are already in the buying mood. They are researching and reviewing the products.

Marketing is ever changing so you need to have different passive income methods working for you.


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