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Why Would You Like To A Start an Internet Business?

Start An Internet Business
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe
Start An Internet Business

Making money online.


Why Do You Want To Start An Internet Business?

Why do you want to start an internet business? Is it the idea of clicking a few buttons, then the cheques will fly into your bank account. Well sorry to disappoint you, but to make money online, you need to treat the process as a proper business. The good news is that starting an internet business can be done with a relatively small budget. A great example is Mark Anastasi who was homeless at the time of starting his journey to making money online. I recommend reading his book “The Laptop Millionaire.”

The first step is to understand why you want to start a business. In my case I wanted freedom from the job, I wanted to be my own boss and to be able to travel at any time, not just in School holidays.

The second step is to look at what you are passionate about. If you don’t like something, but you want to do it because the money is there, you may find it difficult and your lack of passion may come across. Which could affect your earning potential! Once you find your passion you then need to look at the market, does it exist? If not I would avoid it for now. If there is competition, there is a market.

How to check if there is a market?

1) The first step would be to find the people that are looking for a solution to something, but not finding the answer. Yahoo Answers is a good place to start, another place is Quora. You could also try Facebook groups.

2) Use the free Google Keyword Planner tool to see if your market keywords are being searched for in enough numbers.

3) Check to see if there are any affiliate programs. Clickbank is a good starting point. It’s free to join as an affiliate. Look at the gravity, and this tells you if there have been any sales that week.

Tools needed to start an internet businesstools needed to start an internet business

1) It’s an internet business so you need some sort of web presence even if it’s just one page.

2) Hosting – do your research here. Some host can have slow servers which can affect your site loading times. If they are slow you customers will leave the site before even seeing your content.

3) WordPress is the common content management system used by bloggers and internet marketers. There are lots are free training manuals and YouTube videos explaining how to set up your site.

3) You will need some sort of landing page builder (Profit Builder, Optimize Press, WordPress plugin, Clickfunnels, Leadpages etc)

4) You will need an autoresponder either Aweber or GetReponse (They also have a Landing page builder)

5) Traffic is very important. There are many methods to get traffic some free and some paid.

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Kerie Hinchliffe

Kerie Hinchliffe is a former high school teacher that has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From writing books in different niches, skinning apps or creating an Internet Cafe in South Africa!

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