The Power Of The Mind And How It Can Help You Achieve Anything

The Power of The Mind
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe

Every day I listen to an audio book mainly in the self-help niche. I decided that I should use my time in a positive way that will help me grow and change my mindset to one of growth and entrepreneurship. The power of the mind can be a good thing as well as a bad thing. I needed to make it a good thing for me!

Well, this month I am listening to the “5 Second Rule,” written and narrated by Mel Robbins. I had never heard of her before but I am glad I found her.

Her technique of 5,4,3,2,1 go is amazing and yes it’s as simple as that!

The Power of The Mind

She first used this technique to get herself out of bed when she was going through a seriously depressing time with her career, marriage and family life.

Personally, I don’t have trouble getting out of bed when the alarm rings, I put this down to training myself as a teenager.

I used to have such a loud alarm clock that it would have woken the neighborhood up.

A technique I developed was to place the alarm clock at the other end of the room so I would have to get up to switch it off. Once out of bed I wouldn’t go back because I was up now.

Also, there was only one school bus and my mom didn’t drive so I never fancied a 1-hour hike to school in the heat of Africa.

It Can Help You Achieve Anything

But seriously… this book is changing my life.

How, well to be a success online or in anything really you have to be consistent, even if you don’t feel motivated to do something, it often needs doing to take you to the next step in meeting your goal.

I have struggled with being consistent lately.

My excuses include: I am tired! I have so much to do! I don’t know where to start! I am missing key things! I have too much to do for my day job! I have spent all day motivating others! I can’t be bothered!

All of them was true in my mind! But that wasn’t the real truth!

I just was not motivated, in a rut.

Now I say 5,4,3,2,1 go and start working on my business. Working through courses. Taking action and making commissions.

If you are feeling down, demotivated I suggest you either get the printed book or audio (Available as a free trial with Audible). This will help you to motivate yourself. It lasts longer than when someone else motivates you.

Because the best motivator is yourself!

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Kerie Hinchliffe

Kerie Hinchliffe is a former high school teacher that has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From writing books in different niches, skinning apps or creating an Internet Cafe in South Africa!

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