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Top 10 ways of making money online

Top 10 ways of making money online
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe

Top 10 ways of making money onlineWhat are the Top 10 ways of making money online?

There are many ways of making money online, but this post will discuss the top 10 ways of making money online.

Time to time, people’s lives change! They lose their jobs, become ill or believe that there is more to life than just getting up and commuting to the daily grind.

The good news is that in this age of information, there are so many opportunities to do what you want to do. Below I have created a list of the top 10 ways of making money online.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Writing
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. Programming
  5. Graphic Design
  6. e-Commerce
  7. Providing a service
  8. Training
  9. Videos
  10. Product Creation.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Let’s start with the big one! So what is Affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is driving traffic to a product (physical 0r digital) or a service and earning a commission when a sale or lead has been generated.

There are numerous ways of driving traffic (web users). Blogging and vlogging about a particular product or service. An example is Zoella who discusses beauty tips. Advertising and paying for clicks (PPC)

2) Writing

Lots of affiliate marketers don’t like writing or find it difficult. So they outsource this to people who love to write.

You can write articles of less than 500 words covering numerous niches (areas of speciality), write whole books or series of short stories. Write descriptions of products for websites. Copywriting sales letters.

Then there are other services linked to writing: editing, proof reading, formatting ebooks and creating layouts for print books.

Just look on Upwork and to see the about of work available.

3) Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are self-employed and provide professional administrative, technical, creative and or social assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Their duties can include answering calls, dealing with emails, running a support desk, posting on blogs and Facebook fan pages, administrating Facebook groups, typing up notes, transcribing videos. The above are just a few things you could do as a Virtual Assistant.

4) Programming

Lots of businesses require programmers but do not want to hire one on a permanent basis as they usually have a one off requirement. Examples are; Websites, Apps, Standalone Software, Web Browser extensions or Themes.

5) Graphic Design

If you are an artist and good at using graphic software, there are plenty of freelance jobs and one off commissions. Companies need logos and banners to brand themselves. App designers need images, Website owners need images and banners. Writers need front covers for their books, children authors need sketches.

6) e-Commerce

You can create your own online shop, to sell anything across the world. If you can store physical goods, you could be on to a winner. Although there is drop shipping if you can’t store the products. Drop shipping is where you advertise a product on your site. When the product is sold you contact the supplier who then sends it directly to the customer.

7) Providing a Service

Being able to make money online is not just for the creative or technical people out there! Businesses need the services of Insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, payroll experts, accountants, estate agents, travel agents. All of these careers can be done from home working online.

8) Training

You can learn anything at any time or day, as long as you have access to the internet. So you could create training courses on anything, from how to cook simple meals, how to make a website using WordPress, how to edit videos. There are plenty of markets to place your course – and for starters.

9) Videos

Just look at the growth of YouTube, videos are popular. As a teacher, I often go to YouTube to find the solution when having to teach a new concept to my students. (In my case new Photoshop techniques).

Businesses like to have a video introducing themselves to their customers. They usually hire actors.

10) Product Creation

Create your own Products, whether it be physical of digital. You can sell physical products through you own e-Commerce site or a specialised store like Esty who specialising in selling handmade products. It’s the same for digital information products which you create, either sell on your own site or through a site like Clickbank.

Another option is to create a membership site, where you train people for example Yoga classes. Film the classes and then put the videos into a membership area, either charge a one off fee, yearly fee or monthly fee. If yearly or monthly fee you would need to keep updating the information.


There are many ways of making money online but the above has been my list of the top 10 ways of making money online.


About the author

Kerie Hinchliffe

Kerie Hinchliffe is a former high school teacher that has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From writing books in different niches, skinning apps or creating an Internet Cafe in South Africa!


  • Hi Kerie,

    Great ideas toappeal to people whether they want to start an online business, or just make money online.

    I define the difference as whether people want to trade their time for extra money – for instance Fiverr, or whether they’re interested in building an affiliate marketing business – which requires some expenditure of time, money and effort. Because, as I’m sure you have found out, there are pitfalls to avoid in affiliate marketing, even though it IS my preferred model.


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