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The Top 5% Use These Methods To Succeed

Top 5 Marketers
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe

I have been catching up on my own education. And this is what I have summed up about the top 5% of marketers.

So what is it that the top 5% of marketers use to keep getting their commissions coming in and growing their list.

1) They give quality content away. Either as a lead magnet or as a bonus. And in most cases both.

2) These bonuses or lead magnets are often full courses that they have or their partners have previously sold or software (plugins, chrome extensions that they have used in their business and created a case studies around)

3) They use funnels.

4) They get bonuses put on other vendor’s download pages, especially if they are promoting their launch for them.

5) They launch new products, sometimes these are simple case studies either eBooks or short videos, other times they are full courses with several modules and several videos in each module.

6) They use social media effectively. Either creating groups for people that have purchased their products. Or creating Facebook Pages to interact and share content.

7) They use videos, sales videos, demo videos, review videos, training videos, Facebook Live Stream videos and YouTube. These are either slideshow, share their screens or show their faces. Or all three methods.

8) They have mentors that are in a higher league than them, sometimes they have more than one mentor for different sections of their business.

9) They have a business plan and strategy they use.

10) They continually test and if something is working they rinse and repeat.

11) They know how to get targeted traffic that converts, using both free and paid methods.

12) And finally, they take action, continuous action.

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