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Why, What and How

Why, What and How
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe

OK…. OK I know I haven’t posted for a while. What can I say Life gets in the way! I am guilty. Well what had changed, I lost my Why, What and How!

Lost Momentum

I had made sales even when I was moving but I lost continuity, I lost momentum. Then I had an email arrived in my inbox asking if I wanted to meet in London and they were paying! This was from iPro who I was a Platinum Partner for. In the email, they said the weekend would be to help you plan your next step to help you create your lifestyle. I was intrigued and signed up.

Well the weekend arrived, I had booked into the same hotel as the conference. Very impressed! I am a coeliac – which means my body can not stand Gluten which is everywhere. The hotel provided excellent meals for me and informed me of the preparation etc. That for any coeliac is a big thumbs up.

Thumbs Up - Gluten Free Food (Why, What and How)

So the positive had already started. I arrived at the time of registration to a room full of excited but nervous people all iPro Partners soon to be called Internet Profits consultants.

We made our way into the room, where we were motivated and shown some of the best techniques for growing our business. BUT we were told we need to have a WHY, WHAT and HOW.


Homework was given, plan out your HOW but only after you worked out your WHY and WHAT.

After the evenings networking, I went to my room to work on the homework. I didn’t want detention!

Then it hit me, I knew my WHY! I have my vision board at home, but I have a blockage. Fear of becoming a spammy or scammy internet marketer! I know I am good at motivating people, I am good at being positive, I have changed my life using gratitude and always thinking in the present.  This is my method using a business model that I know and trust I now have my WHAT to become successful and at the same time help others to become successful. The HOW was simple, look at the training from the weekend and decide which methods would suit me both in time and confidence.

Whether it would be Blogging, YouTube Videos, Using Facebook both free and paid for.

Would I create my own free lead magnet, would I create my own product or would I send people directly to a brilliant team that can educate people how to create your own true location free business.

This week I will be spending time working on my plan in more detail but most importantly I will be taking action!

I have already started using Facebook Live videos! That is what brilliant training does for you, it motivates you to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Just check below:

If you want to meet the team that inspired me so much, join them on their Monday Webinar:
Click the link


All the best for now

Kerie Louise Hinchliffe


About the author

Kerie Hinchliffe

Kerie Hinchliffe is a former high school teacher that has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From writing books in different niches, skinning apps or creating an Internet Cafe in South Africa!


  • Hi Kerie,

    Glad you went for the weekend workshop, unfortunately, I could not otherwise i would have met you in person!

    Anyway, so happy to see you coming back on track, you are now taking action (the essential part) and stay consistent.

    Thats what I being doing blogging and videos to put content up my blog. I will start list building with my opt-in page (free web class) created by Louis for us Elite partners/consultants. I’m a very slow person if you measure it with other elites. But never mind at my own pace i will get there. I’m sure you will to!

    Do stay in touch and feel free to drop by my blog!!

    All the best and have a great re-start!


    Harold Ho
    Harold Ho recently posted…2 Simple Ways To Harmonise Your Marketing MessageMy Profile

    • Kerie Hinchliffe says:

      Thank you so much, Harold. It is a shame you could not make it. It was what I needed to get things going.

      The great thing about what we do is we can work at our pace. It’s not a race or competition.


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